6 Reasons Why You & Your Dog Should Attend Group Obedience Classes

Blue Ridge GoldenDoodles

Education is the key to wealth. It is the key to your happiness. It is the key to your dog’s worth. Who knew our associations with our dogs were so powerful? I have produced many “training you dog” videos and have helped thousands of people, but I had never personally trained my dog. Nor had […]

What Every Owner Needs to Know About Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are the second most commonly registered breed with the American Kennel Club. With friendly, obedient, and energetic dispositions, these large dogs make great family pets. They do require lots of attention and a regular schedule to keep them happy, healthy, and secure. Despite their large and expressive eyes, the Golden Retriever is a […]

How to Prepare For Bringing Home Your New Puppy

Be ready to make some major adjustments the first few days you have your new puppy. First, get organized and fully puppy-proof your home, as you would if you were expecting a toddler to come for a visit, because pups are a lot like children, curious and in to everything. The very best way of […]

Puppy Toilet Training – Choosing the Best Method

Toilet training your puppy can be a challenging process that takes time and a lot of effort. You need to remember that your Goldendoodle puppy is much like a baby. It doesn’t know what is right or wrong and it needs to be trained by the right person to do it properly. If you are […]

Natural Heartworm Medication For Dogs

What is heartworm? Our thanks for the tips from Blue Ridge Goldendoodles! Heartworm is a parasite worm that is spread between animals through the bites of mosquitoes. Mosquitos find the parasite’s larvae in the blood of its host and then transmit the parasite to other animals. Adult heartworms can grow to be several inches long […]