6 Reasons Why You & Your Dog Should Attend Group Obedience Classes

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Education is the key to wealth. It is the key to your happiness. It is the key to your dog’s worth. Who knew our associations with our dogs were so powerful?

I have produced many “training you dog” videos and have helped thousands of people, but I had never personally trained my dog. Nor had I ever thought of training her to do anything other than come when called.

Well I finally did and I have never looked back.

Here are 6 reasons why you should take your dog to a structured obedience class:

1. Your dog will be more obedient.

It’s true. Dogs that go to school learn quickly. The best obedience training begins at 5 to 6 months with an emphasis on problem solving. Smart dogs are born with the ability to learn and follow directions. They also quickly gain the skills and go on to learn the obedience tricks. Dogs that haven’t been carefully groomed to sit, stay, heel, come, don’t bark and generally behave well are usually discovered to have severe social issues.

2. It is a bonding experience.

Dog obedience training requires you to address your dog’s fears. This can create a fearful dog or a dog that is super sensitive and can’t learn well. I have found that when you address these fears in a positive way it does not take long for the fear to go away. For example, if your dog is afraid of other dogs, when you go to a dog park and become friends with another dog owner and take your dog with you it all suddenly becomes clear to your dog that he doesn’t know who he is supposed to be afraid of. He no longer is afraid and is not on edge when meeting other dogs.

3. He can learn a wide variety of cues including hand signals.

A well socialized dog will respond to hand signals and facial expressions. If a dog is not exposed to this type of interaction from a young age its difficult to train them to respond to commands.

4. You’ve met a new friend, fell in love, been introduced to someone new.

All dogs need to be trained. It is not cruel to train your dog. Investing the time now will help ensure a long happy relationship.

5. Training will ensure the safety of your dog.

Despite what many may think, there are some good reasons to train your dog. A well trained dog will allow you to take him out in public places without him running around and being scaredy cats.

6. Training will save your dog’s life.

We all know that whenever we are chasing our tails there is usually some pretty good reason for it. We are probably not thinking about the danger we are creating by not training our dogs. Yep, you heard me. Training could save your dog’s life. You can’t take the chance of losing your dog at a traffic light as you can’t afford to lose your dog wandering into the road.

7. Training not only benefits the dog he is trained by but his master as well.

A well trained dog will be a happier, healthier and well-behaved dog. Yep, I’ve already read this one right? Getting your dog trained will provide you with the understanding, compassion and the patience you require to be a solid owner.

8. Your dog gets the opportunity to be a part of your family life.

Your dog’s natural urge to please his master will provide him with self-confidence. This confidence will show itself when your dog is performing exceptionally well in his training.

9. Since you’re already taking frequent walks you have more of an opportunity to form your dog’s behavior.

Pure training is at the heart of responsible dog ownership. Just about every other type of dog training involves a behavior modification program. The basic behavior modification commands such as sit, come and stay are usually learned within a week or two and relies on verbal cueing. Nearly all dogs are motivated by food and are willing to learn the cute little tricks you can teach them as well as more advanced behaviors.

10. Learning is an anxious, noisy and fantastic way to pass the time.

Walking calmly on the leash is one of the best ways to maximize your time together. Your dog is starved for social interaction so this is a prime time to be social. You both get to explore together and pass the time. Remember that learning is better when it is fun and with a positive mental attitude.

So there you have it. The 10 reasons to take your dog to a doggy school. How does that feel? huh? Well I’d sure like that. I had a lot of fun with my dogs and I wouldn’t have any of the 10 problems I had. I mixed my training methods up as I went along and that is probably why the difference in my dog’s behavior is so extreme.