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Teti Design, the creator of web pages hereby declares that these pages provide the greatest accessibility to its contents and functionality and that is according to the majority of known web design methods. It meets all the important provisions of accessibility according to the Blind Friendly Web methods (the United Organization of the Vision Impaired and the Blind Project) as well as WCAG 1.0.

All text is defined in relative units and can be simply magnified and reduced in size by means of standard tools and Internet browsers. The set-up and page controls are designed in such a way, where they are accessible by alternate browsers, as well as by persons with specific needs.

The Structural XHTML 1.0 Strict software creates the layout structure as well as the contents of the web pages. The visual presentation is by means of cascade styles (CSS).

Teti Design ( is provider of e-business software and solutions, which it develops and provides on special needs basis to customers. We are firmly convinced that the results of this portal (from the Teti Design workshop) will offer a maximum comfort to the web pages’ users and will afford them an opportunity to fully use these pages and will be accessible to all visitors without difference.

Should you find anything in these pages, which does not meet the accessibility requirements, please infrom us so that we can take the necessary steps to rectify these potential shortcomings.
Thank you.

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