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9-11/12/05 Art z Jezevčí doliny come into international hunting-dogs exams of dachshunds in Čebovské Bukovince, Slovakia. Art win 1st price (193 marks). 4th place in total rank. Unfortunately againt without title "Diviačar" because in our alloted yard weren´t wild boars.

12/11/05 National exhibition in Prag. Rosaria Horalka won title CAJC and BOB and 5th place in group IV. Ref Petr Buba.

5-6/11/05 Exams of hounding dogs in Bruntál-Zátor. Art z Jezevčí doliny won in Ist price, straight four + 3 points for report at catch.

29/10/05 Art z Jezevčí doliny cast 2nd pace withstraight four in bloodhound exams of hunting-dogs in Prostějov, Czech republic.

14/10/05 Tekila Czuk Hodowla Myšlinow give birth for 4 black puppys, 1 dog, 3 bitches. Father is Ich. Baltazar Gabka Kociokwik.

8/10/05 International exhibition in České Budějovice, Czech republic. Art z Jezevčí doliny r.CAC, Rosaria Horalka in class of young fine (excellent) 2.

24/9/05 International exhibition in Wroclaw, Poland. Art z Jezevčí doliny get CWC and accomplish conditions for title "Champion of Polish".

18/9/05 Bloodhound exams of little races in Třemešek, downtown Šumperk. Art z Jezevčí doliny won 1st place with full-points.

4/9/05 Club exhibiton of dachshunds Gasawa, Poland. Art z Jezevčí doliny won title "Clubb winner" from Belgian ref Xavier van den Eydn.

3/9/05 Interntation exhibition of all-round dachshunds in Polish Biskupin. Art z Jezevčí doliny II.c. 215 b., 3rd place. Tekila Czuk Hodowla Myšlinow won in regional bloodhound competition. I.c. a 93b

27-28/8/05 Art z Jezevčí doliny won on MSBL in Podolí, Slovakia title CACIT. Accomplish conditions for title "International champion of work" 1st. round "grip head" 0,31 s., 2nd round "throat" 4,46 s.

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