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Breeding station Horalka since in 1991. Name isn´t randomious, but was passed from breeder of hunting sprigners and terriers, my friend, Engineer Stužka. Since of original Horalka is dating to 50th years of last century.

My interest about dogs began sometimes in 1981. I was 11 and buy for 40 CZK from my schoolfellow puppy, bitch of crossbreed, very alike spinger. She names Sylva and show very strong hunting skills. From books and from local huntsmens I investigate why my dog hound jackrabbits and bark at footprints of roe-deer. That was an impuls who bring me to huning amd hunting dogs.

Next dog come at began of year 1985. That was a bight of bassethound Ára Noros with pedigree. Unfortunately she had not had tooth, so she can´t be inbreed. I make my first hunting exams with her. She survive fourteen years in well.

Basetka Ara NorosBasetka Ara Noros

And to keep the little basset-hound puppy busy, we bought her a friend, a dwarfish long-haired badger-dog Arnica Mercury from those days very famous fancier and an international judge Mrs. Bambas. The bitch has undertaken many exhibitons and compulsory exams so she could become a stallion dog. Our stallion station has risen already two breeds from her. From the " B" breed we yet kept her daughter Bona Horalka from her father Henry v. Monte Croce. Bona achieved fantastic results in the exhibitions and within the ability exams she has wone the 1st prize.

Arnika MercuryArnika s ArouArnika s vrhem A

After the arms a first butch has come. The Mr. Frančák´s (from Dvorce) bitch Hera from Skřivánčí was entirely a different cup of tea than the basset-hound or the dwarfish longie-girl. She was a keen-edged bitch with rough nature, although very friendly and kind to people, she got me entirely. She was exactly the type of dog which is convenient to me and will be forever. A bit more work though, but the final results are really worth it. Unfortunately, she "loved" all the cats that much that they became her destiny. She managed to give birth to just one breed from which we kept home only one terrier Cyril Horalka.

Hera ze SkřivánčíHera ze SkřivánčíCyril Horalka

We only had a transient stay of a little female puppy of a small Venden short-haired basset-hound Hessy Danda from the second Venden breed in the Czech Republic. The ear tattoo of number 13 has aparently been inevitably unlucky, because from the birth she had a hard kidney disease.

Hessy DandaHessy Danda

In 1994 we brought here a rough-haired bitch Karen from Ostrého Bečvy and our first smoothie - black-pied Troja from Ostrého Bečvy, too. Karen became one of the settlers of our breed. After two of not much successful breeds we put her together with a German dog Elchem v. Tannenbruch imported to Poland. From this junction then arised two champions, Jena a Jonáš Horalka.

Troja a Karen z Ostrého BečvyChanel, Karen, TrojaChanel z Havlínkého vrchu

Especially Jonáš has amazed many fanciers when winning exhibition after exhibition. Now, all he cares for is his "reproduction part". I would have almost forgotten yet another smoothie Chanel from Havlínsky vrch from the Taters from Prague. Even this bitch has brought up a few breeds and additionally she is such a good mother and minder as she kept helping to bring up our little butches. The last very much appreciated help was this summer when Jena gave birth to 9 puppies.

Elch v. TannenbruchJonáš a Jena HoralkaJena Horalka

After the moving from the housing-unit to a bigger family house we achieved to make better living environment for our sausage dogs. In 2001 we brought a rough-haired doggie Jch.Gawota ab Hinc and Ich. Hawanu ab Hinc from Poland from the same stallion station of Mr. Kaczmark. Hawana, as a daughter of the world championship winner Uran della Val Vezzeno, is the only blood-bearer of this Italian rewarding breed in the Czech Republic.
Gawot with his brilliant results especially on the "working field" has become the most sought after covering dog and we do have a couple of his descendants in our breed.

Urana della Val VezzenoUrano, Onda, Violetta d.V.Vezzeno.jpgHawana ab Hinc

We also brought a couple of black-pied velvet-haired sausage dogs - Ich. Baltazar Gabku Kociokwik and Ich. Tekila Czuk Hodowla Myšlinów from Poland. Baltazar is the gene carrier of the chocolate colour and with a fitting bitch he will deliver this colour over to some of his descendants.

Tekila a Ich.Baltazar Gabka KociokwikIch.Baltazar Gabka Kociokwik

In 2004 Ich. Jena Horalka (mentioned above) was in SRN put together with the world winner Clause v. Linteler Forst of a famous breeder Dieter Engel. A daughter from this copulation, Rosaria Horalka, should in future become a member of a kennel of our stallion bitches. Her career is still waiting for her.

Krytí u Dietera EngelaClaus v. Linteler Forst

And now in conclusion, the best of all, rough-haired Art from Jezevčí dolina. Exterior quality dog with an extraordinary nature. Intransigent terrier who has become an International Work Champion after accomplishing CACITs from Hungary and Slovakia within two years.

Ch.Art z Jezevčí doliny

Jiří Šumbera (George)

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